I am Ajeet K Yadav

‘सत्यं वद। घर्मं चर। स्वाध्यायान्‌ मा प्रमदः।’ – ‘Speak the truth. Abide by your dharma. Never be lenient in your studies’

I am Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) from MSIT, Delhi major in Computer Science. I have been Research Intern at Unisys Research Center and Engineering intern at Bharti Airtel, Gurgaon. Currently working with ZS Associates, Gurgaon, IN.

Featured pages: Research page | Research Publications | Curriculum Vitae | GitHub Projects

My major contributions and interests are in the application oriented extensions of artificial intelligence and driverless vehicle. I have a personal motivation towards Learinng alogrithm and internet of things. I have been in Unisys Research Center at Bengaluru as a research intern under Nandish J Kopri. I am did research in my bachelors' thesis project under Prof. Pooja Kherwa, MSIT, Delhi. As a Student I have intensively worked on:

Learning Algorithm Learning from Demonstration Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Simultaneous localization and mapping Predictive Algorithms Arduino Projects
Parallel Processing using GPU Visit Research page to read more.

My recent work has strengthened my belief towards Machine learning intelligence and its application in the field of AI, I believe that some of the very challenging problems in robotics can be tackled through machine intelligence. My current research interests revolve around deep reinforcement learning, autonomous and Driverless vehicle technology and human-computer interaction.
Over the course of my undergraduate studies I squeezed in three internships, One research internships at the above mentioned lab and two internship in Programming and web systems at a Airtel and CMC Ltd where I worked on Performance and automation testing and web development in airtel money.

I presented a poster in NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference-2016 (GTCx) held in Mumbai, 06 Dec 2016. Title of my poster/ paper was 'Optimizing & Simulation of Graphical Processing Unit using CUDA C'

I received Letter of Appreciation for building an App on the theme 'Digital Payments' in the Hackathon from Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.

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One of the best experiences in my undergraduate college life has been my involvement in the Hackathons.

On a side for fun I write on Quora, tweet, take part in Hackathons! Don't forget to check out my Projects.